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Why I Continued with Belly Dancing Classes in NJ

In my first blog, I mentioned that this was just the beginning and I wanted more Belly Dancing classes in NJ. I became addicted to belly dance, not only in classes and learning about the culture, but in the costumes and bling (but that's another blog). And so began the main portion of my journey.

After several months I found out that my teacher had a troupe, and of course my next goal was to work hard enough to be asked to join the troupe, which I did successfully. I found myself sleeping and breathing dance, practicing my shimmies while waiting for the train to go to work, or doing shoulder shimmies in the car. Weekday nights after work I practiced for the upcoming weekends shows and performances (both group and solo performances). Over time I was promoted to my instructor’s more experienced group of dancers. I was positively challenged by the choreography and by the other more experienced dancers, which allowed me to raise the bar on my level of dance.

Dance not only became an addiction and an outlet from work and stress, but started shaping my life in ways that nothing else had done previously. Dance helped me gain the self confidence I was lacking at the time and I realize the beauty within myself. Later, I found myself in a new job where I had to travel a great deal. I really don't like to travel, at least for work, and thus I started missing classes for the first time since I had begun belly dance and missing workshops and events. I was very upset that work was interfering not only with dance but my personal life and I resented this. In order to make my time away more enjoyable I utilized online belly dance boards and forums to reach out to dancers in whatever area (states or countries) I would be traveling to. I loved (and still do) meeting dancers from different parts of the world and talking about the differences and the similarities in each region. Everyone I met opened their hearts and I now have a network of friends and acquaintances in different states and countries.

So why do I continue with Belly dance? It is now a part of me, it has shaped my being and my life in so many positive ways and I want to share that feeling with others. By Taking belly dance classes in NJ, my life completely changed for the better.

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