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Belly Dancer New Jersey entertainer Sa'Noorah

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Sa'Noorah's History and Story


As a Belly Dancer in NJ, entertainer Sa'Noorah grew up in a very multi-cultural neighborhood in NYC. " I was exposed to and in-tune with a variety of rhythms at an early age. I was constantly dancing and getting into trouble for not wanting to go to sleep as a child."


Whether it was listening to the sound of the "Big Bands" and learning East Coast Swing, or Motown and listening to The Four-Tops and The Jackson 5, or getting my groove on listening to Disco and Latin styles such as Salsa and Merengue, it's really no surprise that I eventually found Belly Dance.  The beats, the cadence, the movement...  I was immediately captivated by the sultry and feminine, yet family friendly message that this dance brings. 



The Performer and Belly Dance Artist 


Trained by master instructions in Egyptian Raqs Sharqi and Cabaret Style. Award winner Sa'Noorah is a Belly Dancer and performer in New Jersey and NYC.  She is often performing at various functions, both public and private such as festivals, restaurants, and private parties to name a few. She has even performed as a cast member of an off-Broadway production of Anthony and Cleopatra.  You will find her performing throughout NJ and NYC as a soloist and as a member of the New Jersey based troupe The Caravan Dancers.


Showcasing both brains and beauty, Sa'Noorah holds her Bachelor's Degree in Accounting & Management but don't be surprised by her playful smile or her fiery hip shimmies that get your attention.  Once the beat of the drum starts you'll see her passion for the dance and love of music fuel her performance. As a Belly Dancer, New Jersey girl Sa'Noorah's energy paired with her professionalism is what will create a unique, memorable and fun experience for your affair.

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