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Perfect Princess Parties! 

Looking for Something Different for your "Little Ladies" ? Surprise them with the dancing Princess


Children especially love and are in awe of the "pretty Belly Dancer", we are the dancing princess!! Imagine the look of excitment and delight on your princess's face when the dancing princess enters the room, spinning with swirls of colors from veils or fan veils or for their birthday party, enters dramatically with a tray of candles.

New Jersey Mom's Only Expect the Best and Sa'Noorah delivers!

From the moment Sa'Noorah made her birthday party entrance shimmying with a tray of candles held still and gracefully atop her head, my roomful of seven-year-olds were mesmerized. Sa'Noorah has a relaxed and charming presence, is an engaging dancer, and is absolutely terrific with kids. After her performance she gave them a mini lesson and held everyone's attention. Everyone loved her, parents and kids alike. I highly recommend you get one of her party packages, it is a great value and makes a huge impact.

Impress your friends and celebrate loved ones – it is well worth it!


Perfect Princess Party Includes:


Sa'Noorah will first enter and perform a 15-20 minute four-part show. The show Includes, a lively or dramatic entrance (prop would be dependent on space limitations and type of event), followed by a short softer piece (usually with sword or smaller prop), into drums beats drum solo where your princess will be brought up and shown some moves and closing with an Arabic pop music selection; participation is always welcomed during the last song.  


After Sa'Noorah performs, it's little princess and dress up time!  All children will be provided with colorful hip scarves (which are available for purchase after the show). Sa'Noorah will teach your little princess some age appropriate belly dance moves.  

This is 50-minute package, includes: 

(1) 15 - 20 minute Performance (2) 25 - 30 minute Mini-lesson (3) Time for Pictures with the dancing princess 

Price depends on length of appearance $375 and up


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