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Birthday Celebrations!!

Birthday Party Entertainment in NJ

Who doesn't like a good party? I love parties, and with great food and entertainment it gets even better. I bet you would agree. 


Want something different with a twist?

Treat your guest of honor to a unique experience that they and your guests will always remember. 


Hire Belly Dancer Sa'Noorah for your next Birthday Bash and have the best in Birthday Party Entertainment in NJ! 

Sa'Noorah works directly with you to make your party successful, whether it's a surprise or if you are throwing your own party! 


She offers two packages designed specifically  for your birthday bash. If you would like something in addition, contact her directly.

A Hint of Sparkle

(Belly Grams)


Want to get the party started or  surprise your Guest of Honor? 

Choose the "Hint of Sparkle" Package.

This is great way to add a little sparkle and surprise for your guests at  your event. 

Belly Grams are a mini version of the Classic Belly dance Show (see below). 

This package option is a fun and quick burst of "sparkle" and "pizzazz ", 10 - 15 minutes in length. 

Sa'Noorah will make a grand entrance to get the birthday celebration started. 

This package includes one prop depending on space limitations.

Price $300 and up




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Bring on the Sparkle

(Classic Belly Dance Show)


Do you REALLY want to get the party started or want to create a very memorable birthday celebration experience?

Then chose the "Bring on the Sparkle" package. This Classic Belly Dance Show is typically a 25 minutes four-part show. 

A lively or dramatic entrance with a prop (dependent on event specifications), followed by a short softer/sensual piece, into drums beats blazing with a hot drum solo and closing with an Arabic pop music selection.

During her show, Sa'Noorah will include the guest of honor, and show him/her some belly dance moves. 

Audience participation is always encouraged during the last song.


Show props may include veils, fan veils, finger cymbals, Isis wings, and more.

Props will vary based on venue restrictions and space and performance needs. 

Price $350 and up

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