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Why I chose Belly Dancing classes in NJ?

Why I chose Belly Dancing classes in NJ? To be honest, it just sort of happened, well, sort of. Several years back I was what I would like to call a gym class rat, I would take back-to-back classes each night mostly in kickboxing and strength training. A friend of mine saw that there was a Belly Dance class being held at the gym on Friday nights and knowing that I love music and dancing and was at this point of my life tired of the nightclub scene suggested I try the class. So the next week I decided to take the class. Of course, in this area traffic never cooperates when you are trying to get some place, which made me run late, I couldn't find parking and was extremely annoyed; by this point the class has already started 20 minutes ago; however, I promised my friend that we would meet at the gym, so I doubled parked found my friend on a treadmill and said I'm going home, next thing I know, my car keys were taken from and I was told to go to class. The rest is history. Okay, it's really not, THIS was just the beginning. I will admit the first class was a bit odd and I wasn't convinced that this type of class was for me but I tried it again the following week and it quickly became my Friday night after work routine. As I continued to take the weekly Friday night class I found myself looking forward to it being Friday (besides the work week being over) and I found new friendships. I quickly became immersed with the moves and the music and within six months I looked up other Belly Dancing classes in NJ and started to take classes at a local dance studio. I started taking classes at a local dance studio which held "student recitals" fairly frequently. Approximately six months after I started class I performed with the other members of the Belly Dance class and absolutely loved it! Being an "only child", it was nice having a "Sisterhood" and a common goal that we were all working on together, not only that, we became friends and started performing at even more recitals. But I wanted more Belly Dancing classes in NJ!!! Little did I know, this was just the beginning and when things really started happening.

Share your stories, how did you get started?

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