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Bat Mitvah / Sweet 16 / Quinceaneras Ideas in NJ


Truth be told, turning 13, 15 or 16 is a "big deal" in a teenage girls life.  

I want to celebrate this milestone with you, not only with a bang but with glamour and glitz! 

I will work with you, your daughter or your event coordinator to make this milestone extra special! 



** Bring on the Sparkle **  

(Silver Package 1)





Get the party started and create a memorable experience for you, your daughter and your guests.

Sa'Noorah will make a grand entrance with a lively or dramatic entrance with a prop (prop would be dependent on space limitations), followed by a short softer piece, into a hot drum solo and closing with an Arabic pop music selection. Typically this is a 25 minute four-part show.  

Participation is always welcomed during the last song, especially for the birthday girl.  


Props may include:

Elaborate wings, candles or candle tray, silk veils, zills (finger cymbals), silk fan veils, sword balancing, or Raqs Assaya (cane dance).

Props are dependent on venue restrictions.

Price depends on length of appearance $350 and up

** Shimmy and Shake Package **

(Gold Package 2)





My Shimmy and Shake package let's you, your daughter and friends and family join in the fun! 

This is a 50 minute package, which combines the "Silver Package 1" (20 - 25 show) and 

a short (20 - 30 min) Belly Dance lesson or

if preferred a 50  minute lesson without the show. 


(1) 20 - 25 minute performance

(2) 20 - 30 minute lesson 

(3) Time for pictures 


Price depends on length of appearance $375 and up

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** Sparkle, Shimmy, Shake Surprise **

(Platinum Package 3)

For the birthday girl who wants it all or can't decide.

Have the best of both. "Sparkle, Shimmy, Shake Surprise (Platinum)" combines "Bring on the Sparkle Silver"

and "Shimmy and Shake Gold",

Sa'Noorah will teach a short belly dance choreography and you will have the opportunity to perform either before or as part of Sa'Noorah's belly dance show. 

Sweet 16 - (Platinum Package 3)

Sa'Noorah performing at Sweet 16  (Performance with Birthday girl) 

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