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Sa'Noorah Made My Event!! If you are looking for top notch Entertainment in NJ or a Belly Dancer in NJ look no further. She was on time and worked the room beautifully. Many of my guests loved her energy and music. My favorite part of her performance was when she pulled people out of their seats to dance with her. People were talking about her performance weeks after my event. I highly recommend her and would not hesitate to book her for another event.  "Bring on the Sparkle (Classic) Package"  - Evelyn Fuertes, Meutchen, NJ

Sa'Noorah is a fantastic Belly Dancer. I booked Sa'Noorah to dance at my father's 65th birthday celebration. She was prompt, and had a smile on her face the whole time. She even encouraged some of my guests to get up and learn the art of belly dance. She had a friendly demeanor so even the children took a liking towards her. She was constantly engaging my guests, and most importantly the birthday boy. She's just  marvelous!  "Bring on the Sparkle (Classic) Package"  - Carmen V., Elmwwod Park, NJ 

From the moment Sa'Noorah made her birthday party entrance shimmying with a tray of candles held still and gracefully atop her head, my roomful of seven-year-olds were mesmerized. Sa'Noorah has a relaxed and charming presence, is an engaging dancer, and is absolutely terrific with kids. After her performance she gave them a mini lesson and held everyone's attention. Everyone loved her, parents and kids alike. I highly recommend you get one of her party packages, it is a great value and makes a huge impact. Impress your friends and celebrate loved ones – it is well worth it! "Princess Party Package" - Funda D., Montville NJ

I hired Sa'Noorah for my daughter’s Sweet 16  party we had this week. Sa'Noorah came on-time and was kind enough to wait 15-20 minutes longer to start her belly dance performance while we waited for some late guests.  She came out in a beautiful outfit and put on a wonderful show to music using the speakers she brought.  All I had to do was to supply an outlet. The 25 girls and I were amazed at her performance and couldn’t keep our eyes off of her. After a few minutes Sa'Noorah asked the girls for several dance moves they liked and began to teach the girls the moves step by step. She pulled up girls from our crowd which made it very entertaining, paying special attention to the birthday girl.  Sa'Noorah then had the girls belly dance and they all had a blast! They were dancing, laughing and having a great time!  Sa'Noorah was so good with the girls.  My daughter’s friends thought she was awesome and were glad that they got this experience.  After attending many types of Sweet 16 parties, this was a perfect piece of entertainment to have as a special memory for my daughter and her guests.  I would definitely recommend Sa'Noorah to others. 

She is experienced, reliable and beautiful! "Shimmy & Shake Package" - Lydia Wasik, Fairlawn, NJ

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