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Looking for NJ Entertainment for your next party or event your guests will love?

Look no further!!!  I want to celebrate YOU!!


Award Winning and Professional Belly Dancer Sa'Noorah will enchant you and your guests with the Ultimate in NYC and NJ Entertainment. 


No event is too small, too large, informal or elaborate to have a Belly Dancer.

From surprise parties, birthday parties, bridal and baby showers, bachelorette parties, dinner parites, corporate events, graduations, anniversaries and weddings, the list is endless and creativity is advised.


Treat you and your guests to a unique and unforgettable event experience.


Sa'Noorah will mesmerize and transport you and your guests to a world far away with her performances. Providing a captivating performance from beginning to end, you and your guests will be at the edge of your seats with anticipation of what will come next.


Performances include gorgeous costuming from Egypt or Turkey.

Authentic Arabic, Turkish or Middle Eastern music. 


Shows vary depending on the limitations of the venue and requests of the host but may include one or more of the following: 

Raqs Assaya (cane dance), silk veils, zills (finger cymbals), silk fan veils, sword balancing, elaborate Isis wings, candle tray or shamdan.


Sa'Noorah is a respected performer in the area and known for her utmost professionalism.


Sa'Noorah respectfully declines all male-only parties.

Intrigued? Have Questions? Want to Know More?

Are you ready to create the ultimate in event entertainment? 


Check out the Let's Party page for a few more event suggestions or contact Sa'Noorah directly and ask her how she

can help you make your next event extra special with the best in New Jersey Entertainment.

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